Custom Metal Stamping

      • Precision Metal Stamping Parts

      Precision Metal Stamping Parts

      Supply the kind of all OEM stamping parts,sheet metal parts All kinds of punched part,OEM orders and your drawings are welcomed. Materials Available:Stainless Steel ,Aluminum ,Brass...

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      • Metal Stamping Automotive

      Metal Stamping Automotive

      Metal Stamping components manufactured by RUNNER CO can be found in different automobile models of the car manufacturers. We have been rated as an excellent supplier for many years...

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      • Metal Stamping Household Appliances

      Metal Stamping Household Appliances

      The designers of household appliances believe that our innovative stamping technology allows them to lead. In addition, we have the best surface treatment method.

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      • Metal Stamping Electronics

      Metal Stamping Electronics

      RUNNER's efficiency and rapid response time is our advantage. We have enough experience in the metal stamping electronic communications industry that the research and development...

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      • Custom Metal Stamping Service

      Custom Metal Stamping Service

      Our raw materials range from stainless steels, spring steels, bronze, brass, copper, beryllium copper and other high alloy steels. We also use pregalvanized or electroplated strips...

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      • Progressive Stamping Steel

      Progressive Stamping Steel

      we offer our clients the best in metal stamping. We have a wide variety of metal stamping methods, including progressive, compound, blanking, drawing, bending, coining, and forming....

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We're one of leading China manufacturers and suppliers specialized in Custom metal stamping. If you're interested in our custom metal stamping, feel free to contact our factory to enjoy good services.